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Office 365 provides schools with an extensive collaborative environment allowing teaching and learning to be extended within and beyond the classroom.


The Office 365 platform gives a great foundation for your organisation to build on but in our experience it works best when tailored to suit your environment and users. Office 365 is a hosted platform providing a wide array of technology that provides your organisation:



Why Office 365 for your school?


  • Improve student outcomes by using technologies that help you focus on addressing a variety of learning styles and needs to reinforce how students learn.


  • Collaborate without boundaries on-line and offline to more easily share resources, jointly develop and use curricula, and communicate in a way that works for you.


  • Prepare students for the workforce by building skills using familiar Office tools that connect with the way people work today: in social groups.


You can do all this in a safe, school managed environment backed by a 99.9 percent Microsoft uptime guarantee where you own your data and Microsoft does not scan it for advertising purposes.


What you get


Educators, staff and students get anywhere access to email and calendars, Office Web Apps, video and online meetings, and document sharing! These tools can help you:


  • Learn and work from virtually anywhere. Class, library, campus, home…Access documents, email, online classes, and work together.
  • Access familiar tools in the cloud. The Microsoft Office you already know. No transitioning between online substitutes.
  • Work from your phone, PC or Mac, using email, instant messaging, voice calls, and online meetings.
  • No more cleaning out your inbox! Web-based email account with a 25GB mailbox.
  • Create, edit, store and share class materials with Office Web Apps, and avoid the hassle of USB drives or email attachments.
  • Record presentations and post them with coursework on online class sites.
  • Collaborate online with colleagues. White board items, easily share files, and video chat.
  • Share your calendar and files with the people you choose.



10 Reasons Why You Should Consider Office365


1. It’s free of charge to educational establishments providing significant cost savings.


2. It includes a wide range of communication and collaboration tools, ideal for conducting onlineclasses or for providing peer to peer support or tutoring.


3. It supports both formal and informal learning in and out of school as pupils can access any aspect of Microsoft Office 365 anytime and from anywhere.


4. You can use Microsoft web apps on any device with a web browser. Great for those schools looking to implement bring your own device schemes.


5. It provides greater consistency and inclusivity as everyone will have access to the latest version at school and home and you won’t have to spend time, money and effort updating it across your school.


6. Microsoft Office 365 protects pupils and keeps their data safe with premium anti-spam and antivirus protection providing an e-safe and secure online learning environment.


7. No more worries about losing pen drives or emailing work home. Microsoft Office 365 contains OneDrive an online storage system which means work is available whenever and wherever you need it.


8. No more reliance on pupils remembering to hand over crumpled pieces of paper with important information on as schools can share information, calendars and timetables between learners, teachers and parents quickly and easily.


9. You can create a usable school intranet site in minutes with SharePoint Online or simply create collaborative social networking groups using Yammer.


10. Network managers can save a significant amount of time by reducing routine, operational tasks such as applying updates – these are now performed automatically by Microsoft – and we can handle any migration or customisation needed, making a move to Office 365 quick and easy.