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[toggles style=”default”][toggle color=”Accent-Color” title=”Do I need both AppleCare+ and iBroker?”]

AppleCare+ provides cover for accidental damage over the two years plus telephone based technical support.

iBroker provides accidental damage, Accidental Loss along with Loss or damage by theft or attempted theft. It does not provide telephone based technical support.

In most cases, customers will only select one based on the level of coverage they prefer. It is important that you read the terms and conditions for both before making your decision.

[/toggle][toggle color=”Accent-Color” title=”Can I purchase after the closing date?”]

Closing dates are firm and are set carefully to ensure that devices are delivered on time. No exceptions will be made to order after the cut-off date. If you wish to purchase after the closing date, your school will likely work with Solutios IT to publish a new portal. In most cases this will be during the next school term.

Please note, the delivery of your products will not be the same if you place your order with a newer portal. Solutions IT will no be able to speed up, prioritise or make exception on this point.


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