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Offsite Backups – your secure cloud-based

backup and disaster recovery solution


Our cloud backup service offers a smarter, more efficient way to protect and store your data. We provide a highly secure offsite backup solution that keeps your data on Australian soil inside ISO accredited facilities.

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Our Cloud Backup as a Service offers a smarter, more efficient way to protect and store your data. The service provides a highly secure offsite backup solution that keeps your data on Western Australian soil inside ISO accredited facilities.

Daily backups (e.g. office365, servers, images, desktops and laptop computers) will ensure the security of your data. Data is also backed up onto disk and is immediately accessible for restores via a simple web GUI.

Our solution also provides for disaster recovery and data archiving, and can integrate with existing hardware, software and infrastructure assets.

Benefits of offsite backups

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  • No hardware or tapes to fail, jam, buy or maintain
  • Your backups require no staff intervention
  • No need to carry and secure tapes offsite every day
  • Minimal or no up-front costs
  • You only pay for what you use
  • Reduced business carbon footprint
  • 24/7 data centre monitoring and support
  • A world-class, secure platform
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